Mane Perfection: Who We Are

We're Your Personal Hair Palace

The vision for this business started at the end of 2019 in our office at work. As we sat there next to each other, we would fantasize about starting a business one day. We even had a list of ideas at our desk. Every time we thought of a business to start, we would write it down. It didn’t take long before we had a full page of ideas. At the very top of the list was to start a hair business.

Not one day went by where we weren’t talking about quitting our full-time job to work for
ourselves. Then, one day, it all just came together. We were introduced to an amazing supplier who educated us about the hair industry and gave us the encouragement and support which is what inspired us to take the next step and just do it. Before 2020 arrived, Mane Perfection was born, and we have been enjoying this exciting and crazy ride ever since.